Oh boy do I have some news for anyone keeping track of me and my progress on Haint Blue right now.

……So the last time I updated I had 13 chapters done and I was sitting at a little over 49,000 words, which was great. I was halfway there.

And then I really reread it and decided that I HATED THE STORY. It was lifeless, and not what I wanted to be writing. That’s why it was so hard for me to start writing in the first place. I just didn’t feel connected to it.

So, at the last minute, I decided to scrap it completely. I signed up for NaNoWriMo and I’m rewriting the ENTIRE NOVEL from scratch.

So Haint Blue Version 2.0 is a go. I started at 3am and I’m already at 3600 words (3600/50,000 baby!)

I already love those 3600 words more than I loved a single sentence of the old version, so I don’t feel bad at all about scrapping it and restarting. Sometimes you have to do that if something isn’t working.

This new version is WORKING for me and it’s working hardcore. Additionally, I’ve completely ditched the formatting. No more chapters. This thing is being told in 4 parts. Each part will be 20k long, with a 80k endgame goal.

I’m going to try and write 6-8k every day until I get this bitch done. I have until the end of the month. HARD DEADLINE for NANO. I know the goal is 50k, but I’m a BEAST and I plan on blowing past that and finishing this motherfucker.

Here’s a tiny peek at the new version: the first line!:

When Amelia Monroe was eight-years-old, a witch spat in her palm.

Haint Blue by Roxie Roth

Love it or what?

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