NaNoWriMo: Day Two

Day 1: November 2nd

Daily Word Count Goal: 8,000 words – (GOAL MET!)

Total NaNo Goal Word Count: 14,556 / 50,000 (35,444 words to go)

Total Word Count: 14,556 / 80,000 (65,444 to go)

I wrote 2k this morning, slept for a while and then spent all evening writing another 6k in order to hit my daily goal. I’m VERY pleased with my progress. 2 days in and I’m already well over 14,000 words, baby!

I may take tomorrow off, but something tells me I might write a little bit more. I’m feeling VERY inspired by this story and I am so freaking glad I chucked the first draft of Haint Blue and went at it again. This version of the story is SO MUCH BETTER. I’m enjoying both writing it and rereading it.

I have an outline for it, but really I’m just freestyling this bitch and getting it where I want it to go by letting the story unfold. The words are just pouring out of me.

Ya’ll I can’t wait for you to read it!

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