Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

After her werewolf pack is betrayed and massacred by a vicious gang of vampires, werewolf Samantha Reule is left as the last line of defense between the vampires and their ultimate goal: to walk in the sun with the help of the magical artifact the pack had been protecting for centuries.

Now Sam is in a desperate game of cat and mouse with the vampires across the American Southwest, desperate to protect the artifact, even if it means her life. But Sam doesn’t reckon on dealing with sexy, struggling country singer Lee Barnes, whom Sam accidentally bites one night while running from the vampires.

Now Sam and Lee are thrown together, two wolves against an entire pack of murderous vampires…can they outrun them, or do they make one last stand in the desert?

And what happens when Sam finds out who really betrayed the pack?

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