NaNoWriMo: Day 6

Almost forgot to update the blog again! I’ve been writing so much that blogging is just not on my mind, I guess.

Anyway, here’s the stats for Haint Blue and NaNoWriMo:

Haint Blue Word Count Total: 33,056
16,944 to go for NaNoWriMo (50k goal)
46,944 to go total (80k goal)

I wrote 7k words today, and I have another 7k to write tomorrow! That should bring me up to 40k! WOO!

Haint Blue Chapter One!

Alright kiddos! I have officially started Haint Blue!

Chapter One has been written, baby! And I’m super happy with it so far. It’s only chapter one, but I like the tone I’ve set for the story already. Amelia is going to be a strong main character…even though she doesn’t see herself that way just yet. She’s Going Through It, that’s for sure.

Anyway, I’m pleased with today’s progress. So here are the stats so far:


  • Chapters Completed: 1/27 (26 to go)
  • Chapter One Word Count: 3,093 / 81,000 goal (78,000 to go)
  • Daily Word Count Goal: 3,000 – ACHIEVED!

I also uploaded Permission Granted to Amazon this morning. It should be published tomorrow, and available for sale. I’ll link it tomorrow if it’s up when I check it.

Oh, I’m so pleased with myself for hitting my chapter and word count goal for the day. It was rough at first, and the words didn’t come easily. I usually struggle in the first few pages of a new novel, trying to find the perfect launching point. I think I did just fine this time, once I hit my groove. I wrote from 7am – 12pm. 5 hours is pretty good for a first chapter, IMHO.

See you guys tomorrow, when I start chapter two!


Since I’m not starting the first draft of Haint Blue until September I’m taking the rest of August to do prep work on all of my other upcoming projects, which includes covers and outlines for future stories.

I have the outline for Haint Blue done, but the entire Black Witches Series needed outlined, as they’re the next in my queue to write after I get Haint Blue done. I had most of the outline for Dark Things (#1) finished, but I polished it up today, and got to work on the outline for Bad Things (#2).

Both outlines are now finished and I’m really pleased with the plotting and action. I’m a HUGE fan of doing detailed outlines – the more detailed the better. This helps me know where the story is going. I’m just NOT a pantser, people who have a general idea of what they want to write and then just see what happens. NOPE. Not for me. I have ideas and then IDEAS and then DETAILS FOR SCENES.

Usually a story comes to me with the beginning and ending already full formed. Its’ the middle parts that are usually sketchy and have to be clearly planned out. If I just pantsed it I’m not sure I’d ever get anything done. I’d feel stuck. But with an outline and a plan, I can just tackle it chapter by chapter.

I’m a linear writer, if not a linear thinker. It helps, I find, to write things in order rather than jump around from scene to scene. I like knowing where I’ve been first, so I can build on that and moving it forward, rather than feel like I have to bridge two good scenes together.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to work on the outline for Wicked Things, which I already have a bit of done, but not all.

I also did the covers for some of my FUTURE (ie won’t be written or published until 2021) books, and OH MY GOD I loooove them. I won’t be sharing them for a long while, but they’re AMAZING.

I love feeling like I’m getting things done, even if I’m not writing chapters for my next novel. The groundwork is as important as the page.

Looking Forward

So now that I’ve decided not to publish Permission Granted (at least not right away), that means I have a lot of work to do going forward. And it means a greater wait time until I have something I CAN publish.

The next book I’m writing is Haint Blue, a Southern Gothic ghost story with a thriller twist. I’m labeling it as a paranormal romance. I may sub-genre it as a thriller. It’ll depend on if I think it goes there when I’m done with it.

I have the outline completely done, so really nothing is stopping me from diving into writing it. I WAS going to wait until September 2nd to start, but I’m going to bump it up to August 19th. So on next Monday I will start on Haint Blue, and a new chapter in my life.

I’m excited. Haint Blue has been a story that I’ve had on my back-burner for about three years. I’ve just never gotten serious about writing it.

Haint Blue Writing Dates:

  • M Aug 19: Chapter 1
  • T Aug 20: Chapter 2
  • W Aug 21: Chapter 3
  • Th Aug 22: Chapter 4
  • F Aug 23: Chapter 5 (15k goal)
  • M Aug 26: Chapter 6
  • T Aug 27: Chapter 7
  • W Aug 28: Chapter 8
  • Th Aug 29: Chapter 9
  • F Aug 30: Chapter 10 (30k goal)
  • M Sept 2: Chapter 11
  • T Sept 3: Chapter 12
  • W Sept 4: Chapter 13
  • Th Sept 5: Chapter 14
  • F Sept 6: Chapter 15 (45k goal)
  • M Sept 9: Chapter 16
  • T Sept 10: Chapter 17
  • W Sept 11: Chapter 18
  • TH Sept 12: Chapter 19
  • F Sept 13: Chapter 20 (60k goal)
  • M Sept 16: Chapter 21
  • T Sept 17: Chapter 22
  • W Sept 18: Chapter 23
  • Th Sept 19: Chapter 24
  • F Sept 20: Chapter 25 (75k goal)
  • M Sept 23: Chapter 26
  • F Sept 24: Chapter 27 (81k goal)

As you can see, I only plan to write Monday – Friday, with the weekends off. I need to take a couple of days to clear my head and get other things done, so the weekend is perfect. I’m also setting weekly word count goals. I get treats when I hit the goals every week.

The editing period for Haint Blue will be from September 30th – November 4th. The publication date will be Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

On September 30th, I will be starting the next novel in my queue, Wicked Things. Wicked Things is another Southern Gothic-esque story. This one is about witches, and it’s the first of the Wicked Trilogy. The sequels are Bad Things and Dark Things , which I will announce at a later date.

Note: I will be writing Bad Things for NaNoWriMo this year.

I’m hoping to write quite a lot in the coming months. I want to get ahead of my publishing schedule, so that I have a month or two between when I finish the first draft and when I edit so that I can put fresh eyes on the stories. Haint Blue won’t have a huge wait before editing begins, but Wicked Things will, and so will the other stories going forward.

I’ve made out a writing schedule (color-coded because what are we, animals?) for the next year, so that I always know what I should be doing. I plan to stick to it.

Tomorrow I’m working on the outline for Wicked Things. Let the creativity flow!

Swing and a Miss!

Okay, so I’m clearly not going to write today. I could still do it, but my brain is SCATTERED right now. I have lots of ideas in my head for my future books, and I can’t concentrate on what I should be doing!

I’ll just have to write chapters 8 – 10 tomorrow. It’s not like today was a bust, though. I did the full outline of Haint Blue, finished the outline of Midnight Sun (due in May 2020), and started brainstorming Wicked Things and Old Scratch.

I also finally gave in and downloaded Kindle Create, which is a free program that formats your ebook for you. I was a little wary at first, but it’s super easy to use. I reformatted all of my ebooks with it this afternoon and reuploaded them to Amazon.

So if you buy one of my ebooks they’ll look a little bit more professional now. They didn’t look bad before, but this gives them that nice official-looking polish that Amazon itself likes.

So clearly, today was not a do-nothing wasted day. Working on my books is working on my books, whether I put words to the page or not.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Jump the Shark

I am going to work on Permission Granted at some point today, since I have 3 chapters to finish by day’s end. BUT I had such a clear vision for one of my future novels, Haint Blue, that I gave in to the inspiration gods and sat down to plot the novel out.

I already had a general idea of what I wanted the book to be about, but I hadn’t done a detailed outline yet. Inspiration just struck me today, so I’m writing it all down before I lose it.

Once I’m done with the outline, I’ll get back to Permission Granted.

As I was writing the Haint Blue outline, it really occurred to me that Haint Blue and Wicked Things were connected, and that Haint Blue needed to be written FIRST, not Wicked Things. So I’m reordering them. Haint Blue will now be written in September & October for a Tuesday, November 5th release date. Wicked Things will now be written in November & December, with a Tuesday, January 7th release date.

I know I keep switching things up, but I promise I do know what I’m doing, and this makes perfect sense, chronologically speaking, as these are no longer stand-alone novels but part of a trilogy of books. The third book, Old Scratch, is pretty far down the line and will be released sometime in March. But I’m not there yet.

I’ll get there eventually though. I always do! 🙂

Additionally, I finally set up my Goodreads Author Profile, so check that bad puppy out.

I love it when a plan comes together

So after yesterday’s big revelation that I didn’t want to concentrate on short stories any longer, I really sat down and decided what I’d like to do with my books. I already have 8 books planned as of right now. 5 of them are stand-alones, and 3 of them are a trilogy.

I really like my planned stand-alones, and I know doing a series is one of the best ways to get readers interested in your work. People come back for characters they enjoy. I know I always do! So what I want to do is write my 5 stand-alone novels first, and then start concentrating on writing trilogies, something readers can latch onto. The stand-alones, which I really love and believe in, will be available for readers who want more of my work, but are waiting for my next installment in the series they love.

It’s win-win, really.

So I did some shaking up of my works, and I’ve really narrowed down my focus, and decided how I’m going to tackle this new plan.

First off, I’m sticking to the publishing schedule I’ve already decided on. I will be publishing 6 books a year, 1 every two months. (January, March, May, July, September, November.) I’ve already started this “cycle”, by publishing His Little Troublemaker earlier this month (July.) So my next publishing deadline is September.

I’ll be working on Permission Granted for release in September. Most of that novel is already written, so having a little over a month to get it finished isn’t as crazy as it sounds. The scheduled released date right now is Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019.

After I finish Permission Granted, I’ll be working on Wicked Things, which will be released on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019.

And after THAT, I will be working on Haint Blue, which will be released on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020.

I have 2 other stand-alone novels planned after that, and then I’ll start on my first trilogy. I won’t announce the next title until after Permission Granted has been published, so stay tuned for that!

I’mma get some shit done.